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Nestled away within the 16th century terracotta walls of Riddle’s Court in Edinburgh, is this newly renovated apartment. With an elegant mixture of historic architectural features and modern additions, it provides the perfect addition to our bespoke weddings taking place in Riddle’s Court, as a very special and unique honeymoon suite.

Celebrating elsewhere in Edinburgh, whether with us or at another special venue? Get in touch with us for more information on our availability.

The bedroom lies underneath a ceiling of restored 16th century painted beams and was once the hall in which King James VI of Scotland hosted a Royal dinner party. It’s now part of this warm and comfortable apartment with a tasteful mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings. 

Our standard venue hire package includes 2 nights in The King’s Chamber, which can accommodate a relaxing evening and morning before your big day getting ready with your friends and family, followed by a restful first night as a married couple after your wedding.

Some of our favourite wedding photos come from these precious moments on the morning of the big day, getting ready and having fun. There’s always delicious food, sparkling prosecco and lots of laughter. You can easily accommodate hair and makeup artists, as well as your stunning dress and accessories. 

The lounge is a great base for your closest friends and family to get ready and relax before the wedding begins and as a calm place to disappear to throughout the day if anyone needs it. 

Inviting your photographer in during the morning will allow you to capture some of the best memories of the day. We adore these elegant photos and candid moments. 

Perhaps one of the best parts about using The King’s Chamber is having a place to stay in the very same building as your wedding venue, and enjoying a beautiful space on the morning after your big day. A quiet moment is precious after a long day laughing, partying, eating and chatting with all of your favourite people.


King's Chamber Bedroom

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