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To get as much relevant information as possible you need to ask your venue the right questions – while the venue will know what information it needs from you, you also need to know what information you need from them, and how to keep the planning and process as easy as possible.

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With your initial correspondence, you’re probably contacting a lot of different people and sending lots of enquiries and emails. Have your key information in a document or email draft which you can send out each time – this should include your wedding date/month/season of choice, guest numbers, and the format of your celebration (e.g. ceremony only, full wedding, etc.). You might not have all the answers but this will help the venue give you relevant information, like costs, that actually reflect the kind of celebration you’re looking for.

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When viewing, check the venues policy on number changes (especially due to COVID). Do they charge per head or for the time using the venue? Would they refund you the difference if your plans change? What is their cancellation and deposit policy? Think about what is most important to you when it comes to your wedding – have a list of your essentials and chat that through. Can they accommodate live musicians or a massive buffet if that’s what you’re looking for? Could you have sparklers or fireworks? It might be if you fall in love with a venue these don’t matter as much, but having the details to make informed decisions is really important.

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Ask about what spaces are suitable for different parts of your day – most venues will have a flow that works really well, with the ceremony, meal and reception in specific rooms. However, these aren’t always set in stone so be sure to chat through all your options. Ask about details like the location of the bar, storage space for gifts or the best place for a guest book – these little details can help you see the day as a whole in your head, though bear in mind you don’t necessarily need to be making the decisions at this stage.

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Ask about price – hopefully with the initial enquiry you have an accurate indication of venue hire costs, but once you have a better idea of how they day will look make sure this is still the case. Check what is and isn’t included, such as furniture, decoration, access the day before and music speakers. Secure an email or phone follow-up after the viewing for any unanswered questions.

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Think about your guest requirements – if accessibility is a concern, make sure there is level access and a disabled toilet with changing facilities. See if the venue has accommodation or transport recommendations for those who might need a little bit of extra help.

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Ask about exclusive use – depending on what your wedding celebration looks like, there’s the potential that another event could take place at the same time if you’re only using certain rooms, or you might have the entire venue to yourself.


Ask your venue if there’s anything they’re prescriptive about, such as decoration regulations (e.g. nothing attached to walls or ceilings), timings for room turnarounds or suppliers. At Riddle’s Court, for example, we use agreed catering partners for your food but are totally flexible for other vendors like photographers and florists. At Custom House, as the building is pre-restoration, there’s no rules about pinning things to the walls or attaching décor to the building. Ask these questions and it will help you understand how they work as a venue. If you have any reservations about their recommendations then just have a chat with the events team – most will be as flexible as possible, and will work with you if you have any specific requests.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there will always be wedding venue questions that are specific to you as a couple, so make sure you have time before viewing and booking to sit down with each other, go through some checklists online and see what comes up – guaranteed there will be things you haven’t thought of yet! Bring a list with you so you can make the most of your viewing. In terms of the planning process the venue team should be with you every step of the way and accessible to answer questions as and when they come to mind.

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