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Can I have my dog at my wedding? The short answer is yes – having your dog at your wedding is completely possible. However, there are a few things to check and consider before you make the decision to have a pet-friendly wedding.

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Can You Have a Dog at a Wedding?

The short answer is yes – having your dog at your wedding is completely possible. However, there are a few things to check and consider before you make the decision to have a pet-friendly wedding.

Dogs are family right? And for some it would be important for their four legged friend to be part of the biggest day of their lives. According to a recent survey by over a quarter of couples are planning to include their beloved furry friends in their big day.

Things You Need to Consider

Check With Your Venue

Before anything else, you need to check with your wedding venue that they allow dogs on the premises. If having your dog at your wedding is completely non-negotiable, this is something you should check with venues before you book and get tied into any contracts.

At Riddle’s Court we are a pet friendly wedding venue and do welcome your four-legged friends. Your dogs can be part of the ceremony and celebrations but unfortunately due to allergies are not allowed to stay overnight in our on-site Kings Chamber.

We do work with some of the best pet sitters, who will pick up your pooch and return them fed and walked the following day.

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Allocate a Dedicated Dog-Sitter

When dogs are included in weddings, it’s likely that their main role will be during the ceremony either as a ring bearer or walking the couple down the aisle – it makes for gorgeous wedding pictures!

To keep your pup amused for the in-between parts of the wedding, consider allocating a guest to care for the dog. Someone your pet knows and trusts and is also happy to take them out for a walk during the day.

Remember The Walks

The structure of a wedding day doesn’t always allow for the dogs normal routine, so you need to ensure someone is on hand to keep the day as normal for the dog as possible.

You could consider hiring a dog walker to collect the dog for a good run about to let off some steam. We have several green spaces around the building suitable for this.

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Think About Logistics

Whatever your plan is for your pet for the day, make sure you organise the logistics. Who is picking up and dropping off your pet? Who is walking the dog? Do they have everything they need? Does everyone know the timings?

Pack up their favourite things

Dogs need to be entertained and most won’t want to just mooch around a reception for hours on end. Pack your dog’s favourite toys, snacks and a cosy blanket or dog bed to ensure your four-legged friend is entertained and comfortable at all times.

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